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With Benjamin Candle opening pre-orders the wait is almost over. Thoughtfully chosen scents from natures most ethereal tones.

Benjamin Events In Your City

From a black tie affair to a candle making tutorial. Benjamin has your evenings covered. Getting out and meeting people who also want to get out and meet people is our happy place too.

The Essence Of The Matthew Collection

Everyone has their favorites, but “The Matthew Collection” is something else entirely. This collection is Matt’s creations.

Scents of the Season

Brand-new fresh and floral aromas, layered with promises from the coming year

“So What’s His Name?”

He gave you a Benjamin candle so who is he and when do we get to meet him?

The Story Behind Our Ceramics

A curation of ceramics supply a perfectly imperfect touch in a sleekly defined WFH space.

What’s On SALE?

Explore the Insta-ready candles that’ll brighten your season with every sniff — and from every angle.

We Think You’ll Love

Hot and Cold Throw Explained

You hear the terms so what do they mean? And how important are they?

Essential Candle Care

Preserve your Benjamin because it’s a Benjamin.

Pacing Collection

The inspiration behind our new conscience collaboration.

About Us

Our mission at Benjamin has always been to help create your happy place in your home for your wellbeing. Each candle is hand-made right here in the US with a team that cares.  That caring is what we believe in, it’s what drives us, and if someone lacks being cared for in their life we are here. Everything you find at Benjamin as a whole is unique, just like you.

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